sushi chef

I apologize for the blogging hiatus… it’s been a busy week at work. 

This past weekend, Mike and I (thanks to groupon!) were able to take a sushi making class =)  We took the class with some friends of ours and learned how to make a california roll and a shrimp roll.  It was so much fun! 

Here are a few pictures from our adventure.  And for you people out there who are unsure about the whole sushi thing… sushi can be made with cooked fish (which is how our rolls were made in the class).  It is always worth trying something again if you haven’t recently.  Go with someone who knows a good place and knows what to order, that always helps!

12-03-19 tulips and sushi 00612-03-19 tulips and sushi 00712-03-19 tulips and sushi 00812-03-19 tulips and sushi 01112-03-19 tulips and sushi 01312-03-19 tulips and sushi 01512-03-19 tulips and sushi 01712-03-19 tulips and sushi 01912-03-19 tulips and sushi 02012-03-19 tulips and sushi 02112-03-19 tulips and sushi 02312-03-19 tulips and sushi 02612-03-19 tulips and sushi 03212-03-19 tulips and sushi 03812-03-020

Soo yummy and tasty!  We can’t wait to buy our own sushi mat and try our hand at doing it ourselves =)  There MIGHT JUST be a sushi party coming up very soon.


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