you are the rock in my star



I am married to positively the best man ever.  Ok ok! I know, just like your own baby is probably the cutest baby ever… well same thing probably goes for husbands too.  But really and truly I have a wonderful man. 


Yesterday, I came home to a car with only two tires, the dog supervising from the garage and a man with brake dust all over his hands and a grin on his face.  It was a wonderful sight to behold.  So I pulled up an old 5gal bucket (after changing clothes of course!) and sat down to chat and lend a hand.  Mike was changing the brakes on the front of the car and it was pretty awesome to watch for sure.  It isn’t easy, but he’s patient enough to take the time to do it himself – which is wonderful b/c it saves us money!!  And in case you are concerned… all the pieces were put back together and the brakes are working smoothly once again.  And wow were we thankful for the air compressor and sweet tools from Christmas!

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Last week we spent quite a bit of time hauling wood in order to stockpile for next year.  While at church two Sundays ago, Mike was talking to a  friend that he usually cuts wood with when a family behind us (that we didn’t know) said they had a bunch of wood already split behind a shed they were looking to get rid of!!  So the Dutch in both of us and Korean in one of us said – where do we sign up?  Well these people were awesome.  We took away probably two ricks worth of wood.  They live seriously just a little off the beaten path and no more than 5 minutes from a Wal-Mart (so really they aren’t in the sticks at all) but they have an amazing view of Knoxville and all the way to the mountains!  The gentleman showed the view to us the first time we were there, even pointing out some of the landmarks… so the second time we went back, I took a few pictures.  Wow it was amazing.  The picture doesn’t do it justice and I need to learn to take better pictures of landscapes like that before our trips this year.


So anyways, back to the man who is the Rock to my Star!  He’s great!  We spent a lot of Saturday moving our raspberry plants out of our blackberry patch and we have the scrapes to prove it.  He works hard providing for our family by not only working, but keeping the cars in excellent condition, helping me with the garden to provide veggies/fruit for the spring, summer and fall and he even helps around the house with the mounds of dog hair that are always accumulating.   Love you babe!



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