hope central

This past Sunday, I went with a group of students from our church to Hope Central to serve some of the children of downtown Knoxville.  You do not have to travel far (maybe 15 minutes at the most from my house) to find a real need.  No passport necessary. 

12-03-04 Hope Central 00112-03-04 Hope Central 003

When we arrived, there were no kids!  It was a very cold day, and they must have thought we weren’t going to come because it was cold.  So we sent out a few teams to gather them in and enjoyed wonderful time.

We played 4-square, taps, drew with chalk, made a craft, ate a snack and even listened to the story of Jonah. 

Love serving alongside these students!

12-03-04 Hope Central 00512-03-04 Hope Central 00612-03-04 Hope Central 01112-03-04 Hope Central 01712-03-04 Hope Central 01912-03-04 Hope Central 02312-03-04 Hope Central 025


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