crafty weekend success

This weekend, as promised, Aunt Donna and I were able to have a mostly successful Pinterest craft day! 

Appliqued Tie Onesie Tutorial

The actual “tie” onesie is coming soon.  This is just an example of the girls layout we chose.  The “wonder under” that I purchased had a big cut in the box which cut through to the actual wonder under stuff!!  So the project is currently pending until I can exchange it at the craft store.12-03-05 Crafting with Donna 015

Faux Jewelry Necklace Onesie

These ones turned out super cute, but I guess I totally missed taking pictures of them!  Bummer!  The paint even puffed up like it was supposed to.  Here’s to perfecting the art for sure b/c it’s just too darn cute and girly.

Handmade Tissue Paper Flowers and Pompom Garland

it took a few youtube videos to figure out the best way to fluff said flowers after our first ones turned out like crazy looking butterflies or something.  Even Mike had a hand in helping figure this one out!  But I think we got the hang of it!  The first one had an overhaul and was made to look even better.

12-03-05 Crafting with Donna 00512-03-05 Crafting with Donna 007

Tutorial: Freezer Paper Stenciling

This project was a lot of fun!  I have to complete the final ironing but I think it turned out really well.  I’ll have to do this one more often as it was probably one of my favorite of the weekend for sure.

12-03-05 Crafting with Donna 01312-03-05 Crafting with Donna 024

Our own Aunt Donna’s creative embellishment ideas.

12-03-05 Crafting with Donna 01712-03-05 Crafting with Donna 020

They all turned out great and we had a lot of fun doing them too.  The craft room dining room has not yet recovered, as some of the projects are curing.  I hope the little ones and their mommies enjoy the finished projects.  (yes I’m kind of giving away some of the gifts, I know – oh well! can’t disappoint the readers)

12-03-05 Crafting with Donna 001

All in all, a very successful Pinterest project weekend AND a wonderful time spent with a very special person.


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