crafty weekend ahead

Pinterest has changed the world of crafting.  It has opened my eyes to all sorts of things I can do – projects around our home, new recipes to try, new color palettes to experiment with, crazy amounts of crafts with old t-shirts and so much more.  I have become somewhat of a Pinterest addict over the last few months as you can see.  =)


This weekend instead of just looking at all the crafty ideas, I am forging out into new territory and actually trying a few of them.  With a few (ok lots!) of baby showers coming up, I thought I would try my hand at a few projects specially made for those little ones. 

Yes – I’m nervous.  I feel like there is a lot of pressure to do all these DIY projects well… the tutorials make them look so simple.  HERE’S TO HOPING!  My lovely aunt is stopping through town this weekend and we’re looking forward to trying some of them together.  Maybe with our powers combined, a few of them will be gift worthy!  I will do my best to photo document the projects for your benefit.

I hope my excitement today carries over into the weekend and I didn’t get too excited too soon.  I guess if all else fails, we can go shopping =)


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