(non)traditional celebration

Mike and I are different than some couples; maybe it’s because our love languages are more along the lines of quality of time and acts of service, but it works for us.  BTW, I still do like getting flowers.

We celebrated our “Valentines Day” on Saturday.  I mostly wanted to go out to eat on Saturday at lunch because I figured it wouldn’t  be crowded, it is lunch after all, and we could go to a nice restaurant and still get “lunch” prices! and did I mention no crowds? 

Here is a small photo diary of how we spent our valentines day

We woke up to some snow on the ground!! Blizzard of 2012, I tell you what… and yes those are our tulips trying to come up in January/February.

12 - 512 - 6

Mike left early in the morning to go pick up one of his students so they could bring home some firewood to the students family.  I spent some time cleaning the house.  I must confess that I have an ap on my phone that helps me remember what I need to clean when and how often… yes I’m THAT person.

Mike came back to the house to pick me up so we could go chop and haul firewood for our own house.  It started showing again while we were getting the wood.  Avi, of course, was supervising the truck and keeping my seat warm.

12 - 212 - 4

12 - 1 (1)Then, we freshened up to head to Lakeside Tavern.  It’s a pretty nice place, overlooking the water and enjoyed delicious wonderful food.  I had a tasty piece of salmon and Mike had a steak.  He said this place definitely makes the list of repeat eateries.

We then spent a little time at the house putting the final touches on our lessons for Sunday before we headed out to watch a movie with some friends and get a bite to eat.






So anyways, not too much lovey dovey stuff like a “traditional” valentines day would be, but we loved it just the way it was.  Tonight, the actual holiday,  we are making steaks and sweet potatoes at the house.  I’m super excited, and we’ll probably make our routine appearance at the gym as well.  We love just doing life together.

Here are a few things to keep you busy this afternoon.

If you really want to know the true difference between Love and Like, check out this cute video.

For kicks and giggles, below is a little movie Mike made for me for Valentines Day in 2007.  He just found it today and resent it to me.  Enjoy. 


Love you babe!


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