sports, patriotism and recent finds

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I have been completely slacking on taking pictures of our everyday life.  Friday night we went to the Tennessee v. Georgia basketball game and while we were walking out after the game, I turned to Mike and said, “WE NEVER TOOK A PICTURE!!”  So since we don’t have a picture of us at the game, here is a picture Mike took from our seats.  It turned out to be a really fun game, so I’m glad we had the opportunity to go.


At the end of last week, a sweet friend of ours posted this video link.  Wow was I convicted about choosing to worship.  Plus the song itself is awesome.

Last night, of course, was the Superbowl!!  We had a great time with friends watching a pretty decent football game and some commercials.  I was also very good and ate with self-control!!   While I didn’t feel there was any one particularly amazing commercial, my favorites of the night were probably the M&M commercial, the baby Doritos Commercial and Volkswagen commercial (but just the first part with the dog). 

Because the group was chatting around the food, we didn’t turn on the TV until just before kickoff.  On the way home I told Mike that I felt like I missed something not watching the National Anthem and that I was going to have to watch it this morning.  Well, needless to say, he gave me a funny look and thought I was weird, but I do feel like there was something missing.  It would be like watching the Olympics and missing the Opening Ceremony.  Anyways, I felt very patriotic this morning when I was able to watch not only the National Anthem but also America the Beautiful.  Thanks YOUTUBE!


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