I’m still alive

It is amazing I made it out alive yesterday.

  1. I almost died at work from the nasty microwave meal smell that hung around the remainder of the day after a coworker cooked one for lunch.
  2. I was nearly run over in the parking lot at Sam’s going back out to my car.  If I did not have the reflexes of a ninja to jerk my buggy out of the way of her vehicle, I would have been toast!  And then the lady was mad a ME!!
  3. I caught myself with my zipper down twice yesterday!  Apparently, two buttons AND a zipper was a bit more than I could handle on a Monday.
  4. I decline pressed 135 lbs!!  (Which for the non-lifters in the group is the 45 lb bar and a 45 lb plate on each side!! WHAT WHAT?!!)
  5. I began my quest towards weighted pull-ups/chin-ups.  Completed 3 sets of 3 with an extra 10lbs on my foot. =) Beast mode!
  6. Mike and I pulled together our 2011 tax information.  Taxes, need I say more.
  7. I learned how to speak in tongues… ok totally not seriously, but I did struggle with speaking yesterday – rural, juror, rear wheel drive (which are a normal struggle) but biscuit instead of basket? I mean COME ON!!  At least I’m not the only one to struggle with rural or juror30 Rock anyone?
  8. And my heart nearly fell out of my chest.  For the safety of my readers friendships , all identities have been masked.


My guess is that there may or may not be a blog post coming soon entitled

How to pack a healthy simple lunch in under 5 minutes and eat it too! 

But I digress…

So needless to say, I’m happy I made it out of Monday live. =)  Here’s to hoping Tuesday is a boring uneventful day.


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