Rob + Jenny

My dear sweet college roommate got married over the weekend! 

Jenny and I spent 4 years at Cedarville together, making memories, sharing laughter, sharing tears and learning life together.  While at Cedarville, I found Mike, but God did not have someone in mind for Jenny at Cedarville.  After she moved back to Raleigh, Rob walked into the picture!  What a perfect sight the two of them make. 

I was able to make it to the bachelorette party on Friday night (thanks to the efficient driving of my sweet husband) and  enjoy a wonderful evening full of laughter and showering Jenny with love and special gifts.  We had a great time.


The wedding on Sunday was absolutely a dream!!  Perfect colors, amazing girl in a stunning dress, handsome man waiting to become her husband.  It was beautiful.  We were able to enjoy a table and some time with Megan and Justin as well as my mom.  While Mike and I couldn’t stay the whole reception, I borrowed a few pictures from those that could stay.  Here is a glimpse into the beautiful friend – Jenny and her new husband Rob.



A Cop + A Nurse

Match made in heaven


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