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imageDespite our recent blog on the perils of dog ownership… we have THE BEST DOG EVER, bar none!!  I would put her up against any dog out there for Best Family Dog of the World award.  Of course I am a little partial.

When you’re sick, Avi is the best snuggler!

When you need a walk, Avi is a willing partner.

IMAG0013When you just want to relax, Avi can relax with the best of them.

08-12-24 Trip to Michigan 003


When you are grumpy, Avi can be so funny and goofy and wiggly that you forget your grumpy mood.

08-12-18 Avi and Here Cow 001When you want to play, Avi is always up for a little game.

When you are sad, she can add brightness to your day.

She is great at bunny chasing (and sometimes catching) and even better at “keeping the yard clean” of any intrusive bunny poop that may ruin our chances of growing grass green vegetation.

She’s great with kids, kind with adults, barks at strangers, sweet with people who are scared and all around the best dog we could ever ask for (even better that she came at such a discounted price!!!).

And she has the cutest affection for stuffed Moose, Tigger (as in the T –eye- double –guh–er kind) and Chick-fil-A Cow toys.  Especially if they have squeakers.

Ok! Ok! I would be remise to leave out the fact that Avi is THE BEST drooling dog of any that we know.  She is probably up there with St. Bernard drool status. 

n141303587_31744898_710008-12-24 Trip to Michigan 018IMG_2652IMG_2648

09-12-18 Christmas in Raleigh 01509-10-18 Concord Park 07109-08-08 Avi at the Lake 00109-05-23 Dogs at the Beach 12309-05-16 Camp Ta-pa-win-go 01709-02-20 Cow Surgery 00209-02-15 Lazy Dayz 00209-02-10 House and Snow 031

Our family would not be complete without her.  So aside from our minor snafus we have with her occasional chewing, we wouldn’t trade her for the world.


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