Christmas at home and in Minnesota

Mike and I have been out of town every Christmas since we’ve been married.  That is just the “normal” we are used to at this stage in our life.  So to make Christmas a little special for just the two of us, we have a tradition of picking out a random day prior to the actual holiday and celebrating together, just the two of us and the Av.  One year we woke up before work and opened presents.  This year we were too excited and opened gifts way earlier than we “scheduled.”


Avi was being a stinker as usual when the camera came out… which is why in this picture she is snubbing her nose at the camera.  I gave mike a few tools for his new air compressor, a new sweater and a new running top.  He gave me Finley (again!) and two new biking jerseys and a cookbook!  Avi got a rawhide.

At the end of the week (a few days before Christmas), we left Knoxville and traveled to Detroit to spend the night with Mike’s brother and SIL.  They were generous enough to offer to take care of Avi while  we traveled to Minnesota to celebrate Christmas with my dad and the family. 

I only received one text message indicating that Avi was teaching their dog, Mia, all the best ways to roll in the most nasty smelling stuff they found in the yard.  Avi received two baths that day =)!!  But she was invited back anytime, so I guess the rest of their time together went ok!

We flew to Minnesota and had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas, playing with the dogs (that were there), shooting pool, playing on the frozen lakes and more.  There was actually no snow, so the frozen lakes were the best we could do.  Here are a few pictures we took.


Up next: “Christmas” in Michigan.


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