I’m still alive

It is amazing I made it out alive yesterday.

  1. I almost died at work from the nasty microwave meal smell that hung around the remainder of the day after a coworker cooked one for lunch.
  2. I was nearly run over in the parking lot at Sam’s going back out to my car.  If I did not have the reflexes of a ninja to jerk my buggy out of the way of her vehicle, I would have been toast!  And then the lady was mad a ME!!
  3. I caught myself with my zipper down twice yesterday!  Apparently, two buttons AND a zipper was a bit more than I could handle on a Monday.
  4. I decline pressed 135 lbs!!  (Which for the non-lifters in the group is the 45 lb bar and a 45 lb plate on each side!! WHAT WHAT?!!)
  5. I began my quest towards weighted pull-ups/chin-ups.  Completed 3 sets of 3 with an extra 10lbs on my foot. =) Beast mode!
  6. Mike and I pulled together our 2011 tax information.  Taxes, need I say more.
  7. I learned how to speak in tongues… ok totally not seriously, but I did struggle with speaking yesterday – rural, juror, rear wheel drive (which are a normal struggle) but biscuit instead of basket? I mean COME ON!!  At least I’m not the only one to struggle with rural or juror30 Rock anyone?
  8. And my heart nearly fell out of my chest.  For the safety of my readers friendships , all identities have been masked.


My guess is that there may or may not be a blog post coming soon entitled

How to pack a healthy simple lunch in under 5 minutes and eat it too! 

But I digress…

So needless to say, I’m happy I made it out of Monday live. =)  Here’s to hoping Tuesday is a boring uneventful day.


Rob + Jenny

My dear sweet college roommate got married over the weekend! 

Jenny and I spent 4 years at Cedarville together, making memories, sharing laughter, sharing tears and learning life together.  While at Cedarville, I found Mike, but God did not have someone in mind for Jenny at Cedarville.  After she moved back to Raleigh, Rob walked into the picture!  What a perfect sight the two of them make. 

I was able to make it to the bachelorette party on Friday night (thanks to the efficient driving of my sweet husband) and  enjoy a wonderful evening full of laughter and showering Jenny with love and special gifts.  We had a great time.


The wedding on Sunday was absolutely a dream!!  Perfect colors, amazing girl in a stunning dress, handsome man waiting to become her husband.  It was beautiful.  We were able to enjoy a table and some time with Megan and Justin as well as my mom.  While Mike and I couldn’t stay the whole reception, I borrowed a few pictures from those that could stay.  Here is a glimpse into the beautiful friend – Jenny and her new husband Rob.



A Cop + A Nurse

Match made in heaven

goals–not resolutions

I am not a NEW YEARS RESOLUTION kind of person.  That being said, I do like to “review” the year and see all that we have accomplished and enjoy looking and planning towards the future.


On our cross country tour over Christmas, Mike and I spent a lot of time in the car.  We played trivia, I slept, we watched TV shows on the laptop, but most of the time we talked.  It’s so nice to talk through life together in the long hours.  Often we do a check-up on our marriage – how are things going, what can we do better, what have we done well.  We even dream together – what does our future look like, where do we see ourselves in a few years, in 20 years. 

This year we reviewed all the neat things we had accomplished in 2011 and set goals for ourselves for 2012.

What we did in 2011, we never thought we would do:

  1. Shoot a deer
  2. Complete an Olympic Distance Triathlon
  3. Met some awesome new friends
  4. Get a new bike =)
  5. Be the fast kid in the water
  6. Run a destination triathlon (Wilmington, NC)
  7. Win a 5K for age group– Mike
  8. Win prize money for running at 5K– Katie ($100)
  9. Start a new rocking awesome Bible Study with some amazing people and leaders too!

Aspirations/Goals for 2012

  • One bigger/international trip
  • Be debt free (except the house)
  • Own a boat – a girl can dream right?  REALITY CHECK – if we do purchase a boat, you can be sure that it will be one that is well loved.
  • Take a camping trip – maybe to see the Synchronized Lightening Bugs
  • Weekend trip with friends – how does this look?!
  • Cultivate a more sustainable garden
  • Home improvement projects – re-carpet upstairs or install hardwood downstairs, finish replacing windows on the back of the house

I am very excited to see what this year holds for us!

minor correction


imageDespite our recent blog on the perils of dog ownership… we have THE BEST DOG EVER, bar none!!  I would put her up against any dog out there for Best Family Dog of the World award.  Of course I am a little partial.

When you’re sick, Avi is the best snuggler!

When you need a walk, Avi is a willing partner.

IMAG0013When you just want to relax, Avi can relax with the best of them.

08-12-24 Trip to Michigan 003


When you are grumpy, Avi can be so funny and goofy and wiggly that you forget your grumpy mood.

08-12-18 Avi and Here Cow 001When you want to play, Avi is always up for a little game.

When you are sad, she can add brightness to your day.

She is great at bunny chasing (and sometimes catching) and even better at “keeping the yard clean” of any intrusive bunny poop that may ruin our chances of growing grass green vegetation.

She’s great with kids, kind with adults, barks at strangers, sweet with people who are scared and all around the best dog we could ever ask for (even better that she came at such a discounted price!!!).

And she has the cutest affection for stuffed Moose, Tigger (as in the T –eye- double –guh–er kind) and Chick-fil-A Cow toys.  Especially if they have squeakers.

Ok! Ok! I would be remise to leave out the fact that Avi is THE BEST drooling dog of any that we know.  She is probably up there with St. Bernard drool status. 

n141303587_31744898_710008-12-24 Trip to Michigan 018IMG_2652IMG_2648

09-12-18 Christmas in Raleigh 01509-10-18 Concord Park 07109-08-08 Avi at the Lake 00109-05-23 Dogs at the Beach 12309-05-16 Camp Ta-pa-win-go 01709-02-20 Cow Surgery 00209-02-15 Lazy Dayz 00209-02-10 House and Snow 031

Our family would not be complete without her.  So aside from our minor snafus we have with her occasional chewing, we wouldn’t trade her for the world.