23 and 1/2 hours

So, what is the single best thing you can do for your health? 

It’s basically a miracle pill! Watch and find out.


“I got me a zero”


Mike went out on his first hunting trip this weekend with our friend, Fred.  They were hoping for some deer.

Well I got the call on Friday afternoon,

I got me a zero!!

When talking about deer, you usually say “10 point” or “7 point” to tell people what size deer you got.  Well… what happens when you shoot a doe?  There are no points to count… so Fred’s grandson calls them ZEROs!! =) too cute. 

So Mike shot himself a zero this weekend!  I’m so proud of him and he was super pumped.  Now we’ll have some good meat for the wintertime.

Warning: pictures may not be appropriate for all ages.


This is the heart the guys saved for Fred’s son who is going to medical school.

So I guess the story goes that at like 4 am Mike and Fred hiked about a mile to the tree stands and set up to hunt some deer.  After listening to the forest wake up, Mike saw one deer cross the field… then another… then another.  He realized the first was the largest, but only after he saw all three pass.  He then waited another 2 hours or so for them to come back and pulled the trigger on the largest of the 3!  She dropped where she stood, about 100 yards out!  WHAT A SHOT BABE!

Fred and Mike then hiked out to the deer, hiked back to get Fred’s truck, drove out to pick up the deer, drove the deer to the “check in station”, then drove back to the little lodge to field dress her for the processor.  I think she ended up weighing about 71 lbs according to the processor.

I guess you’ll be seeing some recipes soon for cooking venison!

CONGRATULATIONS BABE!! I’m so proud of you =)

Thanksgiving with the big family

We were able to spend some time with the big family over Thanksgiving weekend.  We had a great time in Lake Lure, NC playing games, enjoying the beautiful view, celebrating my Oma and Papa’s 75th birthdays and fellowshipping over food.  Pictionary had to be my favorite event of the weekend.  Here are a few pictures that tell the tale.