christmas morning already!

Since my family is spread across the greater United States, the holidays can become a bit crazy and “traditional” celebrations are not the norm.  This year we celebrated Christmas with my mom the day after Thanksgiving.  I wanted to make it fun, so on Friday we celebrated “Christmas morning” by getting into our p-jamas, decorating our house, setting up the tree, eating breakfast for dinner and opening Christmas presents!

It was so much fun to celebrate an actual Christmas morning and we took it very seriously.  =)  ok my family is anything but serious (the funniest pictures will come in a later post – during present opening, my sister got a case of the stitches! soo fun!)


of course Avi had to supervise the tree decorating and present opening =)


Mom and Kristen were taking the tree decorating very seriously! Although I realized today that our tree is anything but straight =)  Oh well, fits better with our personalities… a little quirky, right?


Merry Christmas to each of you.  It doesn’t matter when you celebrate the day so long as you make the most of the time you spend with family and friends.


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