much needed laughter


Seriously, I’m still laughing about this one!  Last night a friend of mine was asking me if I thought I could have a conversation with my hands tied down.  (I’m sure I was just having a passionate conversation with someone!)  I told him, I’m sure I could do it, I would just have to talk really loudly instead to make sure the person understood what I was saying.

While this picture doesn’t articulate how to have a conversation with your hands tied down, I imagine this would be my answer if he told me to have a conversation without speaking. =)  Enjoy!

One a much more serious note, here is a link to an article that I read today that I really enjoyed.  ….



Sorry for the delay, I was planning to summarize this article for you in a few words, but can’t seem to find the words…(I know big shock; if you’re not shocked, then please revisit the top of this post for the answer).  So, I will share with you a few excerpts:

I don’t want to live a little. I want to live to the fullest.

I want to wake up every day with the energy of an eight-year old kid. I want my doctor to question why I even get check-ups because I’m in such great health. I want to live agelessly, knowing I’m doing everything in my power to avoid becoming a statistic.

I want that for everyone I love, but I come across as preachy and invasive.

The question remains, “What are we fighting for?” When will two sides meet and collectively agree that we must take our health in our own hands? Eating a diet rich in whole foods and exercising is the only proven practical prevention and treatment for virtually every man-made illness in this country.

Call me extreme, obsessed, and consumed, but I refuse to sign my own death certification.

I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!


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