wanna buy a duck?

Raincoat-07Wanna buy a duck?

A What?

A duck!

Does it quack?

Of course it quacks!

How does it quack?

Quacks like this… wha wha wha!

1.  Today is a good day to be a duck.  And I know this is a picture of a dog, but it was far cuter than the duck pictures I was finding, and it’s Friday and all Friday’s should be filled with puppies and rainbows and … ok I’ll stop.  Its been raining since about 7:45 this morning and doesn’t look like it will end for quite some time.  At least its good for the grass seed we had spread end of last week.

2.  Hubs works a different schedule (normal for here, not for the rest of the world) where he has “off” every other Friday.  Today he was supposed to go golfing with his guy friends and (see #1) the golfing date was canceled.  Without much to do, he decided to do a little window shopping at Dick’s and Home Depot.  I told him to take pictures of what he liked for his Christmas list and all.  This is the only picture I received from the outing:


Yup! You got that right!  So for all you family and friends out there who like to be on top of your Christmas shopping, Hubs added one of these R8 Audi’s to his Christmas list.  =)

3.  There is nothing else new to report.  Hubs, our friend Kelly and I are headed to the outlets this weekend in hopes of putting a large dent in our Christmas shopping as well as our fall wardrobe!  Can I get an Amen? Amen!

4.  By the way, every time I type Amen… I always put a “d” at the end?  Amend?  I mean really? 

5.  I have nothing left to say.

6. I take back #5.  Enjoy your weekend!


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