in re:view

“let me ’xplain, no there is too much.   let me sum up” – Princess Bride

Here is the weekend in review.  We were actually less busy than most weekends!

1.  On Friday we harvested some sweet potatoes from our garden! I was shocked that they looked so normal.  Earlier this summer, a few sweet potatoes in the house started to grow sprouts, so I cut that part off and planted it.  Who knew that in 90 days or so, we would have beautiful looking sweet potatoes?


We also had a date night which included a little shopping and a nice dinner out =)  lovely evening together.

2.  Saturday morning I baked a carrot cake.   Now let me explain, I don’t like carrot cake, but after having an AMAZING one here at work, I thought… I better try my hand at it!  I think it turned out amazing.


6 cups of shredded carrots, golden raisins and 1 can drained crushed pineapple later, talk about delicious.  Even the hubs enjoyed his first bite of “non-poisoned” carrot cake (usually they have walnuts in them, but I made mine “kosher”).  If you ever want to try your hand, here’s the recipe.  Last night I realized I didn’t take a picture of the final product… this was all that was left =)


3.  Saturday morning the hubs helped a friend’s sister move and I went on a nice walk with my friend Rebec and Avi’s new friend Zoey. Then I ran to the farmers market in hopes of finding some of the honey I bought last time I was there.  No such luck, but I was able to stop by a road side stand on the way home and get some honey as well as whipped raspberry honey. WOW! You don’t even need butter.

4.  Saturday afternoon I took a little cat nap and finished up my lesson for Sunday.  Hubs spent his afternoon attempting to strip the paint off the back deck.  Earlier this year after the hail storm, we had the railing replaced, but the flooring of the deck was still painted and old.  Hubs put the paint stripper on, and even after an hour, and lots and lots of scrubbing, the paint wasn’t budging…. He then borrowed a pressure washer from the neighbor, and in order to get the paint off with that it ended up damaging the wood… We were at a loss and the deck looked even more abused than when we started… Next weekend we’re renting a hardwood sander =) (that’s why there are no “finished” pictures)


5.  Saturday evening we watched football at a friends house, great evening with friends, not so great football game.

6.  Sunday was church.  I put a pot of spaghetti sauce on the stove so it would be ready when we got home.  A friend of ours let us borrow their pasta maker and so I took it upon myself to make fresh pasta to go with our spaghetti!  (I later learned you don’t put salt in the flour/egg dough… it still tasted wonderful)!  I have some learning to do as far as making the dough mixture more homogenous, but even hubs was a fan.  Of course we documented the process! Please note the sous chef supervising =)



I can’t wait to make more!

7. The remainder of Sunday was typical… Hubs plays ultimate frisbee with friends, I coupon and grocery shop and then usually look for something to do.  This week I figured I ought to start working on Christmas projects =) so out came the sewing machine! Whoo hoo for projects inspired by Pinterest!! Then we headed off to Small Group. 

Thanks for sharing our weekend in review!


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