Megan + Justin

Hubs and I were able to make a trip to NC this weekend for my best longtime friend Megan’s wedding!  She was marrying this super awesome guy named Justin.  It was a whirlwind but totally worth it.

We got in to NC in the wee hours of Friday morning, slept a little then started the day!  Friday morning I spent helping Megan with her makeup and prepping for a bridesmaid luncheon.  The luncheon was awesome and just what Megan needed, laughter and relaxation before the big day.  We showered her with necessities for the honeymoon and had a great time.  We played a game where you had to guess everything in the basket after only seeing it for about 30 seconds.  We played another fun game as well where we had to pass a lifesaver mint around the circle using only the toothpicks in our mouths!  Hilarious!!

That afternoon, Hubs and I made a trip out to see my Grammie!  We had some ice cream from the new machine (which was awesome) with fresh brownies from the luncheon and just spent some good quality time together.


Then 5p rehearsal.  Had a great time paying attention and trying to focus (ok we really did, but there was a little fun involved too).  Megan cried a lot during the rehearsal but surprisingly not very much during the actual wedding.  Hubs took a bunch of pictures.  The pipe organ in the chapel was beautiful!

After the rehearsal we had an amazing dinner reception at Kabuki where they cook in front of you.  It was awesome and there were tons of people there.  Then the kids left for a place called Frankie’s which is a go-cart, arcade, big kid games place.  It was TOTALLY WICKED!  We did the fast track go-carts, some people tried to climb this palm tree thingy and others tried to win all sorts of tokens.  We had a blast for sure.

Then finally Friday ended!

Saturday, the wedding festivities began with hair, makeup and the works.  The ladies had a great time getting ready.  Megan and Justin saw each other before the ceremony and we took a few pictures.  Then at the stroke of twelve, the wedding began and they were married!!! Can’t believe my best friend is married!! The wedding went smoothly and was beautiful. 

This is probably my favorite picture from the whole ceremony.


Then a beautiful reception.  It was a lovely sit-down dinner catered by Macaroni Grill (yummo!) and they were off!

Hubs and I finally had a little downtime and we literally sat out in front of my aunt’s house (who lives on a pretty major road) in kitchen chairs and enjoyed the sunshine and watching the cars go by and chatting.  Then we headed over to my mom’s house and spent a nice evening with her.  We fixed some rosemary skewer chicken kabobs and enjoyed great conversation.

Sunday morning we had breakfast with my Aunt Donna and then headed back to Knoxville!  Like I said, crazy whirlwind of a weekend, but for a friend, anything!


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