tour de knoxville

This weekend was a blast!  Friday was spent hanging out with the kids at HVA’s homecoming. 

Saturday we spent lifting heavy things at the gym (of which I’m still very sore from!!) and making a trip to Home Depot to purchase some weed blocker paper  for under our newest (yet to be planted in) garden boxes for our expanding berry patch.  Some say hubs is doing such projects in an effort to minimize grass cutting… =)  I think he just loves me and knows I love to garden.  We also purchased supplies to peel the paint off our deck floor and refinish it.  HD trips never seems to be cheep for us.



Saturday afternoon hubs and I attended an early birthday celebration for our friend Rebecca =)  It was a great evening out at the Chop House, lots of laughter with friends and good times all around.


Sunday was our church’s 50th anniversary celebration, pastor’s 25th year with the church, Rebecca’s official birthday and Tim and Jill’s wedding anniversary too! Lots to celebrate.  West Park brought in a HUGE tent to celebrate (all of those events of course!) and we had an amazing worship service as one large congregation (instead of the usual 3 services). 

Sunday afternoon hubs went off to play Frisbee and I went on a bike ride from Turkey Creek to downtown, ate lupper at Panera, then rode back.  It was my new record long bike ride (40 miles).  The first 20 on the way out (Debbie, Kelly, Shanin and his daughter Anna, and I ), we took our time.  Shahin was riding the tandem bike with Anna so we took things a bit slower.  The way back, we hauled it and needless to say, I am a bit saddle sore!  Here are a few cute pictures Kelly was able to snap on the way =) I had a bit of fun with Picnik and did a little editing to the pictures.

Anyways, what a fantastic weekend, full of lots of fun and good memories.


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