wilmington triathlon

317836_261915393842590_100000723957311_834450_1478641260_nThis past weekend we spent in Wrightsville Beach, Wilmington, NC with some friends.  We stayed in a nice beach house just off the ocean on the island and our friend Kelly showed us the good life of Wrightsville.  We ate at some really sweet places, went to a really neat artsy studio called Re-Eco and hung out on the beach. 

We also went to compete in our last triathlon of the season.  It was probably hubs and my favorite race we’ve ever competed in.  It was super well run, very efficient and was well participated in (about 1250 racers). 




11-09-17%2520Wilmington%2520Tri%2520130These are our statistics from the race.  We both placed well.  Mike had a fantastic swim time!  I had a great run time.  Kelly had an awesome bike split and Rachel came in 2nd in her age group =)! 




My mom was able to come down and watch us race which was really awesome and super special! 


Here are a few pictures from our weekend.

The race ended up being cool (wetsuit legal even!), but fortunately it didn’t rain on us!  Here’s to competing in the race again next year =)


4 thoughts on “wilmington triathlon

  1. Katie, Love the pictures…..your Mom really has a “smashing” smile on…..sure looks like fun….just wonder where you get the energy…but I guess being young and athletic is what it is….of course, I can’t forget that you eat healthy. Pat

  2. Great post, K! I had such a good time, too this weekend and am so happy that you all were there. I’m also so happy to have such a fun training partner (and awesome friend!!) who pushes me to be better. I credit you tons with my growth this summer – thank you so much and congrats on such great times on the race!! – Kelly

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