Missions Trip to D.C.

We spent Sunday to Saturday last week in our Nation’s Capital – Washington D.C.  What an adventure.  We worked with wonderful people, wonderful students and wonderful leaders.  Enjoy a few pictures from our adventures:


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thanksgiving and other merriment

Happy Thanksgiving!  Thanksgiving morning, Mike and I enjoyed the Turkey Trot run.  It was definitely very cold but we actually enjoyed it.  Running in the daylight was a nice change of pace to our usual Thursday runs.  Then we drove over to my sister’s to enjoy the rest of the weekend.


We celebrated both Thanksgiving and Christmas with my dad and his side of the family.


We had a lot of fun, enjoyed some games, lots of food and time together.  Mike and I had a long run on Saturday but Kristen and Aaron joined us so it made our mileage go by much faster.

DSC_6786 DSC_6794 IMG_5034 DSC_6789

There are lots of fun activities coming up over the next few weeks that I’m looking forward to posting pictures about.  No we’re not pregnant.  Things like sweater parties, decorating, more running, time in NC with family, time in MI with family and more.

For example: A coworker and I hung a door in our office.  It’s going to be where we post our KPI (Key Performance Indicators).  It turned out rather nicely!  It reminds me a little of Monster’s Inc.


Merry Christmas everybody!

the old and the new

My oven over the past year has been making this fabulous clicking noise when it is on.  I just figured it was on it’s last leg and eventually I would get a new oven!!

IMG_20131120_084012Well the time came.  Monday night I was cooking some apple crisps to take with me to work and they just weren’t baking well.  I thought that this was the end.  Then, Tuesday after work, I put our dinner in the oven, set the delay timer to come on at 7:20 and left the house.  We came home to find a stone cold oven.  Good thing we picked up pizza on the way home.  =)

Tuesday, Mike walked me through checking the lower bake element to see whether it was conducting any electricity.  Nothing.  So I called the local parts store and they had a lower bake element in stock!! And it was cheaper than online!  I picked it up.

IMG_20131120_084018 IMG_20131120_084021

When I got home from work, I quickly got to work with the square tipped screw driver and took the back panel off and installed the new element!!!  And it worked! And it wasn’t too difficult.  So, no new oven to me, but a 30$ repair to the existing oven makes this money saving lady very very happy!

And now we have a pretty clean oven =)  Because the first thing you “bake” with a new element, is the crud left in the oven.